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Retiring Adults

From time to time we have dogs that are through raising litters or have retired from their activities such as showing or therapy work that are looking for a good home to go relax and enjoy their golden years. Although we wish we could keep all of our dogs that we have raised through the years, it’s simply not possible. That is why we look for the perfect retirement home for our dogs to know that they get to spend their remaining years in comfort and love, just like they have growing up!

All of our adults are current on their vaccinations with no known health problems or behavioral issues. New owners will be required to sign a Spay/Neuter Contract and have their new companions altered if we have not already done so.

We are looking for retirement homes where our adults will be lifelong companions. Since they are adults they do have their own quirks and habits that need to be considered and an introductory period where they will learn to fit into your home and lifestyle.

If you are interested in any of our adult dogs please fill out our Questionnaire! Please note that there is a fee for each dog and the cost of altering (if applicable) is the responsibility of the new owner.

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