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Irish Setters

Thank you for your interest in our adult Irish Setters! We have loved raising and watching them grow throughout the years and are now looking for retirement homes where our Setters can spend their golden years continuing to be loved and spoiled!

If you are interested in one of our adult Irish Setters there are a few things to know:

- All of our adults are up to date on their vaccinations and preventative care

-All of our adults will need to be spayed/neutered in their new homes unless otherwise stated.

-All of our adults are trained for our family and environment. This may mean that a refresher course is necessary or additional training in areas that your family needs may want.

-All of our adults understand the concept or are house-trained but will need a grace period to learn their new homes and where to go/how to tell you.

-All of our adults have been around other dogs of varying ages, children, adult males and females, and normal home experiences. Each adult is unique and has their particular preferences for their new home.

-All of our adults have their own personalities and preferences. Part of getting an adult dog is knowing what those personalities are but also being aware that they may have likes and dislikes.


To get started, please fill out our Questionnaire so we may learn more about your home!

None Available At This Time, Check Back Soon!

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