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How Our Puppies Are Raised

 To protect the integrity of Rose Valley Kennel and our lineage, we sell all of our puppies with limited rights and require all of our puppies and dogs to be altered. We do not sell with breeding rights. All of our Irish Setters and Dalmatians are purebred and will be sold as companions only.

To help control the pet population and ensure that our puppies are going to pet-only companion homes we require a Spay/Neuter Contract and proof of altering by the age of six months.

Our pups are (quite literally) handled from birth. We are in the whelping box with the mothers when they are giving birth and often assist with making sure everyone is cleaned off and nursing while she focuses on labor.


From there they are handled daily by us and at ten days old when their ears/eyes start opening they are slowly introduced to normal household sounds (radio, tv, vacuum, etc).


By four weeks old they are up and running around, their markings have started to lighten, and they are starting to eat softened puppy food. We then introduce them to toys such as wiffle balls, braided ropes, and Kongs for puppies so that they can start to learn finer motor skills and in a sense "sharing" of toys.


By six weeks old they are eating solid puppy food on their own and we give them 24/7 access to food via self feeder. We make sure to handle the puppies and the food while they are eating so they do not develop food aggression or "greedy eating." This is generally the time when they mothers will naturally wean the pups themselves.


At seven weeks old is when they will start being socialized with other animals, humans, and outside world objects/activities. We also start introducing collars and begin working on basic commands.


Then at nine weeks old they are fully prepared and ready to go to their new homes!

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