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Options For Receiving Your Puppy

There are a few options available for you to either pick up or receive your puppy:

1.) You can drive to our kennel and pick your puppy up in person. Appointments are always scheduled in advance and are a simple visit. Since most of our new puppy owners come in person to pick up their puppies, we have had to take extra precautions with foot traffic to eliminate possible disease/viruses being unknowingly brought into our kennel. We ask that all appointments are for meeting and bringing your new companion home the same visit, and we ask that all visitors please park in our driveway and stay in your vehicle. We'll bring your puppy and any paperwork out to you and we will hand the pup inside your vehicle so everyone can meet them and play for a bit, then take care of the paperwork. This keeps viruses and bacteria from transferring from visitors to our dogs/puppies via footwear, clothing, and leaving anything behind in our driveway or grass. This may seem a little extreme, but the health and safety of our puppies is our top priority.

2.) You can fly to Kansas City's airport (MCI) and either pick up your puppy at our kennel, or we can meet you at the airport with the puppy. You would then fly back home with the puppy in-cabin. You will need to bring an airline-approved carrier, or we can provide one at an additional cost.

3.) You can use a Pet Nanny service to fly the puppy from Kansas City to your local major airport, then you would meet the pet nanny at your airport with your puppy. This is an additional cost that is up to the buyer to pay for and to secure a pet nanny themselves.

4.) You can use a ground transporter which is a private person that picks up the puppy at our kennel and delivers them directly to your door. This is NOT Fedex, UPS, etc but an individual in their own vehicle. The cost and arrangements would be up to the buyer. We do have a ground transporter that we recommend but you are free to research and choose your own. If you do choose this option, please keep in mind to look for someone that offers individual service or only transports one or two puppies at a time. 

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