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What's the whole process of getting a RVK puppy from start to finish?

-After doing your research for the right breed for you, you've decided to move forward with getting a new puppy! 

-Read through our FAQ page, go over our contracts, check out our current litters or upcoming litters, and determine your timeframe for getting a puppy.

-When you're ready to move forward, fill out our Questionnaire so you may be approved for a puppy

-Once approved, place your nonrefundable deposit, (Click Here for more information on nonrefundable deposits.)

-After your nonrefundable deposit is placed, you'll receive confirmation and additional instructions via email. If you have placed a deposit on our current litter, you'll receive information on important dates, the selection process, and next steps to guide you through the weeks until it is time to pick up your new family member! If you have placed a deposit on an upcoming litter or future litter, sit tight. You'll receive information once a litter is confirmed, when they are born, litter announcements, and additional information as time progresses.

-When you have a nonrefundable deposit on a current litter you will start to receive weekly "pupdates" via email full of information on how the puppies are doing, their growth progress, and whatever actions need taken that week by the new owners (selection, final payment, making a pickup appointment, etc). Every other week we'll send out new photos along with the pupdate. 

-Selection process will take place at six weeks of age. New photos will be sent to each new owner along with personality assessments and notes about each puppy. Read more about the selection process Here. This is also a good time to finalize your pickup arrangements and appointment time.

-At seven weeks of age final payment for the remaining balance is due. This gives time for your payment to process and clear before the puppy leaves our care. We will send a PayPal invoice at this time or you may let us know in advance that you will be sending a check through overnight mail. The Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee and the Spay/Neuter Contract will be filled out, signed, and sent along with your final payment. You will receive your copy when you pick up your puppy. All sales are final and all payments are non-refundable with no exceptions.

-At seven weeks of age you will receive information regarding preparing for your puppy's arrival, what to buy beforehand, what food the puppy is currently eat, training tips, and a whole lot more. 

-At nine weeks old puppies are ready to go to their new homes! Please make sure you've scheduled your appointment in advance, are prompt on arrival, and have all of the puppy's supplies readily available for a smooth trip home! When you pick up your puppy you will receive their medical records, signed contracts, and additional training information. 

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