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Thank you for your interest in our kennel and in our puppies! If you are interested in a puppy from Rose Valley Kennel below are the steps and guidelines for getting a puppy. These are not meant to discourage or intimidate new owners but merely to outline what we expect from new owners and what we are looking for in an ideal home. Just like you have done research on the breed you are interested in and in ourselves as breeders, we want to make sure that our puppies are going to the best possible homes and are the best match for each individual.

Here’s where to start:

1.) Fill out our Questionnaire below. We will look over your questionnaire and approve your home. Please remember that the person filling out the questionnaire should be the person acquiring the puppy and should be the head of the household.

2.) Once approved, we will contact you to place a nonrefundable $200 deposit. (Note: If the puppy is over six weeks of age you may be asked to pay the full balance, plus shipping if applicable. We require all payments to be made by six weeks of age to have time to process before the puppies leave at eight weeks of age.)

3.) Fill out completely, sign, and return our Deposit Contract

4.) If you placed a nonrefundable deposit before the puppy was six weeks old you’ll need to submit the remaining balance at six weeks of age. This includes the shipping fee if applicable.

5.) Fill out completely, sign, and return our Health Guarantee and our Spay/Neuter Agreement to send along with your final payment

6.) Make arrangements to pick up your puppy or have them shipped when they turn eight weeks old. Shipping is an additional $250 and we only ship within the US.

7.) Enjoy your new puppy! We will send out weekly “pupdates” to new owners in addition to updating the photos on our website once a week. Each pupdate will outline the pups’ progress as well as prepare new owners for each step of ownership.


Our puppies are bred and raised to be companion dogs first and foremost. We breed for temperament, disposition, and follow AKC’s guidelines/standards for each breed. We have extremely high standards for our puppies and want their new homes to be the best possible fit for a lifetime of mutual love and happiness. Occasionally, we do have to deny a questionnaire. Some of the criteria we look for in a new home are:

1.) Adequate space. All of our puppies are large breeds that require ample space for exercise and safe off-leash play. We will not approve apartments and we do not approve temporary living situations. Condos that are owned will be considered. Our new homes must have fenced-in backyards but some exceptions can be made. (Example: large acreage, putting in a fence, underground fence, etc.)

2.) New owners must be over the age of twenty-five. We want our puppies to go to stable homes with a set routine. A new puppy is a 12+ year commitment and our new owners should have the time and means of taking care of a puppy for their full life and should be situated in a home with no foreseeable changes.

3.) We absolutely DO NOT sell our puppies for breeding or with full AKC registration. We do not sell our puppies to brokers, pet stores, or any third party business. We require a Spay/Neuter contract to be signed before the puppy leaves our care and for the puppy to be altered before six months of age. There are NO exceptions to this rule.


Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. If you are interested in one of our puppies and believe you are the right fit, please click below and fill out our questionnaire. We’d love to hear from you!